Unique courses that can study in USA

Business administration, marketing, computer science so pedestrian. Now if you are looking takes some really off feeding fun courses in the US that you set from the part of crowd. How about giving one of these majors ago.

1. Auctioneering

How on earth to they talk so fast. Well I guess I know the answer to that question. Then I need to enroll the Harrisburg area community college Pennsylvania. They offer a course called auctioneering. It teaches you everything there is to know about trade. Like learning how to obtain and trace item correctly. Working with buyers and sellers every stage technical ask back and off cause chanting like a pro. As with the fast talking called.

2. Canadian studies

Our real mysterytoo many people in the world and even here what’s their history their culture what are they do out there anyway. Is this something funny accent them always fascinating? Then how about majoring Canadian studies at duke university in North Carolina.

3. Ethical hacking 

Dakota state university where those teach you all the tricks to exploit weaknesses and honorabilities and wide range of technological systems. You will be known as an ethical or white hat hacker. As suppose to the bad guys we see in the movies hacking the systems and steal money. Those are known as malicious or black hat hackers.

4. Astrobiology 

So if the biology is the study of a living of organism and Astor you mean space then it must be a course focusing on the study of an aliens. Ok there is no such a thing like exactly. If you majoring ask for biology you learn about the planets beyond solar system in origin and evolution of life on earth the stain ability of life and extreme environment. Just think you might be the first person to communicate with extra Torstar life. 

5. Entertainment engineering and design

You can get this course in UniversityNevada in Las Vegas. Getting a degree in entertainment engineering and design will give you a better understanding of the art and business of entertainment. You can learn the science of putting awesome a light show, design in remaps, sound engineering.

6. Bowling industry management and technology

You can follow this course in Vincennes University Indian.

7. Wasting time on the internet 

Follow this course in University of Pennsylvania.

8. Family enterprise

9. Nanning

10. Harry potter

Follow this in central Michigan University

11. The art of language invention

Find this course in university of Wisconsin

12. Blacksmithing 

Finishing the metalsmitingand blacksmithing program in the south Illinois University.

13. Nautical archeology

14. Floral management

This course include wide variety of career options, freelance floral designing, and media design and styling, garden design and management and wedding and bridal design planning. 

15. Bakery science 

16. Adventure education

Follow this in Plymouth state university.

17. Popular culture 

Follow this course in bowling green state university Ohio.

18. Wildlife

Situated in Humboldt state university California.

How electric cars works

Now electric cars plug in to the walls like cellphones. But who came up with the idea. And how does the technology really works? 

Before we rejoin for the future let take a quick look at the past. You probably would be surprises I was to find out that electric cars aren’t a 21st century invention. That is electric powered motors came up pretty much a same time petroleum driven engines. Almost two centuries ago in 1828 a Hungarian engineer named Anyos Jedlik invents the first prototype of the electric motor and used it to powered small model cars. And he wasn’t the only one with an interesting sort of technology. In 1834 black smith Thomas Davenport created a similar device that could be driven engine short distances on an electric trap. Beside ring any bells think street cars later on. 

And over in the Netherlands university professor Sibrandus Stratingh build a tiny electric car with non rechargeable battery. Now even know the idea of a battery powered vehicle was to revolutionize people’s lives for the better. Primary cell batteries that’s the easy one in. they need too many batteries to run the motor for a long distance. It wasn’t until 1859 when French physicist Gaston Planet invented the lead acid battery that change the electric engine game for good.

Many countries began to producing electric three wheeled cars until the us made a huge breakthrough. In 1891 they created the first electric vehicle and get this it was a 6 passenger wagon that could go up to 14MPH. After that people were though. And the electric car market thrive. And late 1890s electric powered taxies filled the street of London. And that time electric cars has many advantages of the steam power and gas engines. They didn’t vibrate they didn’t give up that awful burning gasoline smell we are familiar with. And most importantly they didn’t require much effort to start. By the early 1900s almost one third of cars in the us were electric powered. But that wasn’t going to last long.

A train dissapeared in tunnel in Italy

Imaging travelling on a train that is actually a time machine that would never bring you back. The 106 passengers in crew of zanetti train. They never reach their destination. Is that no one knows what happens to the train. On July 14th 1911 the rail company Zanetti arrange Italian a free trial ride on their new train. Passengers were enjoying their ride watching scenic features along the way. Making small talk and enjoying their refreshments. One of the sites their looking forwards to be a new tunnel went through a mountain. It was one of the longest ever built at that time. 

And that theirmystery began. The train entered the half mile long tunnel in LombardiMountain and never came out. It just disappeared. After the incident the railway workers and policeman search every square foot of it but found no trace of the train.

The tunnel itselfjust a long too but their no way to go but to the other side. Yet there was neither a train sign of a crash there. However there were two passengers just jumped out the train just before it vanished to the tunnel.  Later they came too but they were able to tell their story of the early trip. Ask the train approach the tunnel black smoke came out of Norway as well as dense white far. The train slow down as it nearing the entrance and the fog began to develop it. The men panic and jumped into ground before the train was gone.

One of the survivor told to the newspaper about the incident “I heard an unclear humming sound beyond the black smoke. I can see a milky white fog creeping from the tunnel. It littler swallowed the train like a wave. It became so horrifying. The train was barely moving. So I jumped from the cart. And my eyes caught another passenger who jumped at the same time. We both hit the ground hard. And that is the last thing I remembered.” As for the train it was never seen again. Then the notorious tunnel happened to get boomed during World War 2. Closing it off forever. No one would come up with a sound explanation for this strange disappearance.

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