Jeju island in south Korea

From this post I’m going to take you to the south side of the Korea. This is a great journey to us.  This is the biggest journey that you can join
In the South Korea.

Jeju Island is situated in between South Korea and Japan. Jeju is the largest island in Korea. This post is very long like this journey.
I got so many photos to share with my blog fans.
In long time ago this jeju island has called by a several names. Like
Doi, Dongyeongju, Seomna, Joho, Tamna, Tangna, Tammora
This is a violonic island. Approximately the island is 175 kilometers itself. This island was found in 21st century. Crater Lake is situated in there.
In the past people who live in this island have their own language and their own culture.

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